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Dustin’s God given talents as a metal sculpture artist have always been present in his life. As a child and even into high school he never imagined it would become his career. His focus on surrealism and drawing was the beginning of his unique style. He developed many trade skills including woodworking, metalworking, painting and many others. After setbacks in many lines of work he pursued, the relentless desire to create and skills he accumulated would become the framework for his masterpieces. The theme that Dustin has acquired his inspiration from includes elements of the earth. Wind, fire, water, plants and anything organic reflects in his metal sculptures. With also having an appreciation for a world of beautiful architecture. His work compliments and exists within and outside of several structures worldwide. Dustin started with galvanized steel and desired a metal material that would not rust so that he could preserve and amplify the silver look of metal. The abstract sculptures are primarily created from aluminum. A metal that will never rust. Aluminum is a modern top quality metal that can withstand the elements for a lifetime.

Dustin Miller is a self-taught metal sculpture artist out of the Tampa Bay area. Who is now the founder and featured artist of Dustin Miller Gallery of Clearwater, FL. He is a metal sculpture artist in the US. Originally from Quincy Illinois, he learned the basics of art, woodworking and metalworking with his father since he was the age of 5. After moving to St. Petersburg, FL he excelled in the arts during middle and high school receiving multiple surrealism awards at the Dali Museum for his drawings. Having experience in the automotive body and paint industry increased his interest with metal. He mainly keeps his focus in modern metal sculptures that are fit for both indoor and outdoor environments in a variety of sizes. He has extensive experience working with developers, government, galleries, architects, designers, hotels, residential clients, brokers and more. His primary goal is to grow his art and credibility enough to open a public space and employ fellow metal artists to expand his production to reach more people. Dustin specializes in large metal sculptures , Large metal outdoor sculptures, freestanding sculptures and wall sculptures. Get in touch with us and get your free consultation from the metal sculpture artist Dustin Miller.

Notable Clients

Hilton Hotels



University of Colorado

Continental Properties

GreyStar Real Estate Partners

City of Shelbyville Kentucky

Boyd Apartment Homes

Reebok Crossfit Games

Baywood Hotels

Tetrad Property Group

City Hall of Shelbyville

Reebok Crossfit Games


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