Abstract Freestanding Sculptures

Abstract Sculpture
Tempest Silver Metal Sculpture
Aura Crystal Sculpture
Aura Crystal Sculpture
Rainbow Sculpture
Blue Orb Sculpture
Red Sculpture
Aura Crystal Sculpture
Crystal Sculpture

Enhance Your Space With a Freestanding Sculpture

Dustin Miller’s abstract freestanding sculptures will give you a visual statement that’ll last a lifetime, enhancing spaces for many years to come. They feature high-quality marine-grade aluminum coated with finishes that allow them to withstand the elements. Dustin crafts abstract art sculptures inspired by and designed to thrive in the elements. Each freestanding sculpture brings unique colors, shapes, and statements to your space. They arrive ready to install and prepared to transform your space.

If you have specific artistic designs in mind, Dustin is a metal sculpture artist who emphasizes collaboration and cares about crafting a piece that fits your space and is exclusive to you. For additional inquiries, reach out today.

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