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Large metal sculpture created from high quality aluminum plate for public and private outdoor environments.

Metal wall sculpture created for a dynamic dimensional display suitable for indoors or outdoor environments.

Metal Wall Sculpture
Crosswinds Teal Wall Sculpture by Dustin Miller
Metal Wall Sculpture
Gray Metal Wall Sculpture Tides by Dustin Miller

A metal sculpture artist that is inspired from the elements and outdoor sculptures created to resist the outdoor elements.

Blue Silver Enigma Sculpture by Dustin Miller
Abstract silver metal sculpture by Dustin Miller
Tempest metal rainbow sculpture by Dustin Miller
Blue metal abstract sculpture Fury by Dustin Miller

Created in the USA


Browse the gallery of Dustin’s most recent public and private installations. To commission a sculpture for your project, feel free to contact us to reserve a position.

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Master Sculptor

Dustin Miller Biography

Dustin’s God given talents as an artist have always been present in his life. As a child and even into high school he never imagined it would become his career. His focus on surrealism and drawing was the beginning of his unique style. He developed many trade skills including woodworking, metalworking, painting and many others that would contribute to his abstract style and large metal sculpture works. After setbacks in many lines of work he pursued, the relentless desire to create and skills he accumulated would become the framework for his masterpieces. Now a renowned large metal sculpture artist in the US specializing in outdoor sculpture. His large metal sculpture work can be found in both public and private settings.

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Abstract Metal Sculptures

Dustin Miller is a metal sculpture artist who crafts exclusive abstract metal sculptures that are inspired by the elements and designed to withstand them. Dustin’s artwork takes on unique shapes, features a range of colors, and enhances spaces for years to come. He uses high-quality marine-grade aluminum metal that fortifies his designs, making them perfect for defining residential, commercial, and public indoor and outdoor spaces for many years.

Dustin offers a diverse collection of abstract metal sculptures, varying from wall decor to large outdoor sculptures to smaller free-standing variations. Dustin’s abilities as a metal sculpture artist don’t stop there. Along with his unique designs, Dustin also extends his artistic services to offer one-of-a-kind metal abstract art that’s specifically catered to your space and desires. Unlike mass-produced and manufactured artwork, Dustin’s modern metal sculptures are all individually crafted for specific people, spaces, and needs. Explore Dustin Miller’s collections of aluminum art sculptures, and get inspired to redefine your spaces with exclusive artwork. Contact us today for additional inquiries and commissions.

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