Custom Designed Metal Sculptures

Are you looking for an easy way to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces? Dustin Miller’s custom-designed metal sculptures are the perfect solution for you. Metal glistens under the sun and forms unique and distinct shapes. When metal is crafted into a piece of art, the result is a dynamic sculpture that radiates under natural light and adds geometric detail to your indoor spaces. Dustin Miller’s custom metal sculptures do just that and more.

Dustin takes inspiration from natural elements—wind, fire, water, and plants—bringing to life biomimetic, abstract architectural sculptures. These elemental-inspired sculpture installations complement any type of indoor or outdoor space, from business offices to residential front yards. Dustin is not limited to working with only elemental and organic inspirations; he is also a large metal sculpture artist who’s dedicated to catering to each client’s specific needs and spaces. Dustin works closely with his clients before and during the creation process to guarantee the best results.

Design Customization

Does your space exude a specific aesthetic? Are there certain colors you’d like to highlight in your interior? Dustin can create custom metal sculptures that combine his unique artistic style with your specific desires, forming a one-of-a-kind art piece.

After settling on a design—one rendered from an existing piece or a completely new one—the creation process begins. For most custom-designed metal sculptures, Dustin will reach out during the creation process with updates and progress images to further ensure your final piece reflects your desires.

Space Customization

Do you like one of Dustin’s existing sculptures but aren’t sure how it’ll work in your space? Don’t worry. Dustin can recreate and customize his existing designs to best complement and fit in your space. His collaborative and customized art process allows Dustin to generate sculptures specifically designed for your space.

Sculptures are a unique art form as they work in tandem with their surroundings. Each aspect of a sculpture, from its shape to color, influences and interacts with its environment, turning an entire space into an art piece. Dustin works with high-grade aluminum because of the way the material interacts with space. Metal reflects and captures light and aluminum’s resistance and durability with the elements. From the size to the structural design, Dustin’s custom metal sculptures are made with their final destination in mind.

Enjoy unique and transformational artwork in your indoor and outdoor spaces with some of Dustin’s custom-designed metal sculptures. Are you ready to collaborate and create customized sculptures? Contact Dustin today.