Large Metal Sculpture
Whirlwind Silver $6,500
Black Sculpture
Tempest Black $6,500
Large Metal Sculpture
Ascension Tropical $6,500
Blue Metal Sculpture
Tempest Blue $6,500
Red Sculpture
Ricochet Red $6,500
Vitality Black $6,500
Steel Sculpture
Storm Gray $3,700
Surge Red $3,500
Metal Sculpture
Storm Silver $3,700
Apex Teal scaled
Apex Teal $7,500
Large Abstract Sculpture
Tempest Flare $6,500
Red Abstract Sculpture By Dustin Miller
Galaxy Red $3,800
Apex Silver $7,500
Ascension Silver $6,500
Surge Blue $3,700
Marlin Sculpture
Marlin $4,300

Create a Visual Statement With a Large Metal Sculpture

By selecting a large metal sculpture by Dustin Miller, you are investing in his collection of works that last more than a lifetime. Dustin’s outdoor sculptures are sculpted from high quality marine grade aluminum that’s professionally coated to withstand the elements. The dynamic large metal art sculpture designs featured are of the highest quality and are ready to install. For more information on pricing, the commission process, installation, the quality, or materials used please contact us for more information.


Every metal sculpture is custom and starts with a portfolio piece or new design. This may include a rendering of your space or model to reflect the custom metal sculpture design. Every sculpture is created from a high-grade aluminum that does not rust or corrode.


Once you coordinate with the artist to finalize your design, the piece will be created. During the creation of your large metal sculpture the artist may contact you with progress updates/images. The metal sculpture will be color coated at the end of this phase.


The shipping and handling of your large metal sculpture will be performed by a private shipping company. This phase is taken seriously to assure it arrives in good condition. The private carrier will contact you directly to schedule your sculpture delivery.


Since every sculpture can be different, this can affect the installation method. Most of the time, just specific screws or anchors are all that is required. Every large metal sculpture or wall sculpture comes with hardware/mounting brackets already permanently installed.



Large Outdoor Metal Sculptures

The best way to make an impression on guests is to give them something wonderful to look at. Or maybe even something that grabs their attention. Dustin specializes in large outdoor metal sculptures that do exactly that. Whether you are trying to promote your company or simply enhancing the look of your space, a large outdoor metal sculpture would add that edge you are looking for. Dustin Miller’s large abstract sculpture has a significant style that sets his work apart from mass produced manufactured work or sculptures created from steel. The quality is unparalleled due to the marine grade aluminum used in his large outdoor sculpture work. Every piece is designed to fit your space and the artist works directly with you to achieve your goals of an exclusive appearance.

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