Abstract Metal Sculpture Installations

Abstract Metal Sculpture Installations

Do you want to redesign your space but don’t want to undergo a major renovation? Dustin Miller’s abstract metal sculpture installations are unique art pieces that can redefine your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease. His contemporary art sculpture installations exude beauty, complement their surroundings, and transform spaces.

From their colors and shapes to their metallic composition, each aspect of Dustin’s sculptures is carefully selected to give you a one-of-a-kind, quality art piece that completes and enhances any environment it’s placed in. The best part—Dustin’s abstract metal sculpture installations are easy to install and implement in any space, from the exterior of your office building to the foyer of your home.

Easy Installation

Many factors can affect the installation process, from design type to your desired placement location. However, for the most part, Dustin’s sculptures simply require specific screws and anchors. You can install the piece yourself or hire a professional—either way, the installation process is a simple one.

Dustin’s wall sculptures come with custom locking brackets welded directly to the piece and are ready to hang on a sturdy wall anchor for a safe and solid installation. You can place the smaller free-standing sculptures anywhere, and you don’t always have to anchor them to the ground—their bases bases give them plenty of support on their own in most cases. However, if you are installing outdoors and have access to a hard surface to mount to, this can be done by using specific screws through the pre-drilled holes in the sculpture base to mount to your surface for wind/theft resistance.

Outdoor Compatibility

Dustin uses high-grade aluminum, allowing you to install his sculptures outside without worrying about rust or corrosion. His outdoor sculpture installations are durable and highly resistant to different environmental conditions, from rain to humid and hot climates.

If you live in a location where storms are frequent, don’t worry. Dustin is based in Florida and is no stranger to the power of stormy weather conditions. Between being bolted into concrete during installation and the permanent, welded-in braces, Dustin’s outdoor sculpture installations are designed to withstand the forces of a raging tropical storm.

Local Installations

Speaking of Florida, on occasions—depending on the sculptures—Dustin sometimes extends his services and helps with sculpture installations to those in the local Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater areas. However, whether you install the sculptures yourself with Dustin at your side or with a professional contractor, the installations are a seamless process.

For any further inquiries about sculpture installations, feel free to contact the Dustin Miller Gallery.