By submitting a deposit, purchasing and/or hiring Dustin Miller of Dustin Miller Gallery, you agree to this Commission Agreement that’s purpose is to protect the artist Dustin Miller as the performer of services. To begin a commission, a deposit that is a percentage of the total commission cost will be required before any work can begin. By paying this deposit it is in good faith that you have authorized the artist Dustin Miller or Dustin Miller Gallery to create your artwork based on his best discretion. Once a deposit is submitted, there is no cancellations unless otherwise approved by the artist Dustin Miller or Dustin Miller Gallery. This may be in reference to a rendering, portfolio piece/design, or a sketch. By paying this invoice you also agree to the turnaround time, shipping methods and other specifications defined by the artist Dustin Miller or Dustin Miller Gallery. The design of your artwork may not reflect exact as a model, rendering or sketch may show. Every piece is custom made and not manufactured to a template or replicated based on any provided models, renderings or sketches. Any slight variances in size, color or shape are not grounds for cancellations, returns or refunds. Once the artwork deposit is submitted, the commission is final and no refunds, or money owed is forgiven. All damages, design issues or installation requirements are addressed on a per case basis and to the best discretion of the artist, Dustin Miller and Dustin Miller Gallery. Dustin Miller or Dustin Miller Gallery is fully insured and not responsible for damage to the artwork from delivery, incorrect installation, injuries or misuse of the artwork.


Every piece is a custom created piece of artwork. Returns and refunds are NOT accepted. Including for reasons such as slight variances in size, color or shape from a rendering or image. The consumer or customer assumes all risk for hiring the artist Dustin Miller of Dustin Miller Gallery to create their artwork. In the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, the artist Dustin Miller and Dustin Miller Gallery will attempt to resolve this issue, if it is an issue within a valid reason. Such as damaged during shipping, a significant size difference, a significant color difference or other damages visible.


The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges when returning artwork for reasons other than damage or defect including the original shipping charges when initially purchased. If you cannot provide proof of shipment for the artwork upon request within 14 days, the refund will not be issued and you will be required to keep the artwork.


It is the buyers responsibility to immediately inspect the artwork and packaging for damage. If there is damage, report it to us immediately by contacting us. All packaging and materials must be kept. If you receive your artwork damaged due to shipping. You may NOT cancel or change your mind about a purchase due to damages occurred during shipping. You may need to send the artwork back to us. Damaged artwork will be expedited replacement or other arrangements will be made. You will need to send pictures of all original packaging and parts for a replacement or refund depending on the arrangements made.


The buyer is responsible for accepting the artwork from the delivery location or country. Once the artwork has been received at the shipping facility or location, Dustin Miller Gallery is not liable for any further damages, expenses such as importation costs, taxes or transportation expenses involved etc.


In the event of an unsatisfactory transaction, a negative review posted publicly that shares any information about refunds, conversations held between the customer and seller, and information hindering or damaging the artist/shop’s reputation for Dustin Miller Gallery in any way is a direct violation of privacy rights.