Large Outdoor Sculpture

The abstract sculpture work of Dustin Miller is pure luxury that makes a statement. He uses the highest grade aluminum to resist the elements. His large outdoor sculpture designs are organic, flowing and durable. The aluminum is rust/corrosion resistant for display in any environment.

“Aluminum is my favorite material to work with in both large outdoor sculpture and even smaller scale for indoors. It has workability, weldability, resistance to the elements and is lightweight. The possibilities are endless, it’s the metal of the future.” – Dustin Miller artist

Large Outdoor Sculpture
“Storm” a large outdoor sculpture in metallic grey powder coat, installed in a rock garden.
Vitality large abstract black sculpture by Dustin Miller
“Vitality” is a sleek luxurious large outdoor sculpture defining and complimenting the entrance to this contemporary home.

In every large outdoor sculpture by Dustin Miller is adaptation. When he creates, he considers the surrounding space. A large outdoor sculpture can compliment, highlight or define a space. Many landmarks or areas that are to be enjoyed contain art or large outdoor sculpture. Every aspect of the work is created around and for your space. Dustin will consider color, form, size and more when consulting with you. Get in touch for a free consultation with the artist.

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