Must-Know Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Metal Wall Art

Must-Know Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art can be a striking statement to any room décor, creating a unique and personalized aesthetic. As an influential addition to your spaces, metal wall art is a décor feature you want to keep around for the long haul. The key to maintaining your art pieces’ longevity and quality is proper care and cleaning. Check out four must-know tips for properly cleaning your metal wall art and maximize your art’s lifespan.

Dust Regularly

Dusting is the first line of defense in maintaining your metal artwork. Dust and debris accumulation can obscure the artwork, dulling its shine and diminishing its aesthetic appeal. A microfiber cloth or a feather duster can gently remove dust particles from the surface of the art, preventing scratching risks and leaving you with a shiny masterpiece. Ideally, you should dust your metal wall art once a week to prevent buildup.

Stick to Simple and Gentle Cleaning Solutions

When your metal wall art needs a deep clean, opt for mild soaps or specially formulated cleaners for metal surfaces. Many household cleaning solutions contain abrasive and corroding chemicals that can scratch, dull, and destroy your metal wall art. Sticking to simple and gentle solutions that clean without the risk of damage.

Pro Tip: Test the cleaning solution on a small, hidden part of the piece before applying it to the entire art to make sure your solution is the best fit for the job.

Don’t Forget To Dry

After cleaning, make sure you dry your metal wall art thoroughly. Any leftover moisture can lead to rust or discoloration, affecting the look and appeal of your wall art. Thoroughly dry your metal art piece with a soft dry cloth and gentle blotting motions—rubbing can scratch the art.

Use a Paintbrush

Your wall art’s crevices and small corners are hot spots for dust and debris buildup, especially since they are hard to clean. Soft brushes, like a paintbrush or a makeup brush, can effectively reach and clean your art piece’s hard-to-reach areas without causing any damage. Keeping your metal sculpture’s details clean and in top condition makes sure that every aspect of your art piece pops and shines, maximizing its appeal.

Dustin Miller’s metal hanging wall art enhances spaces with its intricate details and unique, modern designs. Adhering to these must-know tips for properly cleaning your metal wall art maintains the quality and longevity of your selected art piece. You can enjoy Dutin Miller’s artistry for many years to come.