Fury is a metal sculpture that is inspired by wind that curves like the wind of a tornado. It is a contemporary sculpture design that can be placed within your space on any surface. This weathered finish is an enamel suitable for indoor/outdoor display that contains shades of cobalt blue and gray. Fury is available for commission in additional size and color options.

Dimensions: 30in tall x 12in wide x 12in deep

Weight: Approx. 10 lbs.

Material: High Marine Grade Aluminum Plate

 Weathered Enamel

Installation & Placement Information: The sculpture is designed to stand on it’s own. It is compatible for outdoor display with rust resistant aluminum.

Purchase Information: This sculpture design is available for commission. Every piece is custom created by the artist. To get started or get answers to other questions please contact us.

Shipping Information: Every sculpture is insured, wrapped, crated and handled with care by our hand selected and trusted transporters.