Public Sculpture – “Evolve” Public Sculpture Project 2019

In 2019, Dustin Miller was commissioned to create a large sculpture for their public sculpture project at Springs at Tradition Apartments in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Evolve was created from stainless steel with a satin clear powder coat to resist the elements of the salt air to the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Evolve was a piece that was designed to really change in shape as you move around it. The feelings it can bring are impactful to the residents and visitors around. Dustin Miller does do smaller scale and wall sculptures; however he primarily likes to focus his energy on large metal sculpture projects.

“The purpose of this piece was to give the residents and nearby passing viewers to see something abstract that fits in with the tropical contemporary environment that they can visually enjoy and get a feeling of relaxed joy.” -Dustin Miller Artist

large metal sculpture

Creating Evolve was anything but simple, and required a lot of discipline. The wire frame consisted of 1/4″ stainless steel round which created the skeleton of the sculpture. The design was brought to life by cutting pieces at different angles to fit to the frame. Every piece of metal is hand textured with a flap disc grinder to achieve the deep look of the waves in the metal. Dustin’s goal with this sculpture as with most is to create depth making it fun from all angles and spark curiosity while still bringing peace to the viewers. Concrete benches were constructed around the pedestal to achieve a peaceful seating area for people to gather and enjoy. A large metal sculpture can bring visual and mental pleasure and also bring people together. You can see more of Dustin Miller’s portfolio here and get in touch to get a free consultation about your project.

Public Sculpture Evolve
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