Large Sculpture – “Vapor” Public Sculpture Project 2021

Large Metal Sculpture

A central focal point and an exclusive water fountain located in the center of the roundabout at The Promenade in Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania now has something else very unique about it. Vapor was recently installed in March 2021, an abstract public sculpture by artist Dustin Miller commissioned by BET Investments. An idea that started as just a vision for the developer an artist became a rewarding reality for the community. While Dustin Miller does do smaller scale and wall sculptures; he primarily likes to focus his talents on large metal sculpture projects.


The creation process was like most of Dustin’s work. He starts with a drawing and concept, but does not replicate it exactly. Instead, the sculpture is more of a freestyle with the metal pieces. Each piece of metal is sheared to the desired shape and then bent on a large slip roller machine. On this particular sculpture, the pieces had to form a spiral or helix going upward. To achieve this Dustin and his team used wood framing to prop up the pieces as they were held, clamped and welded into place. The large public sculpture was created in 3 pieces that have custom brackets and were assembled on site by the developers. For the positioning and bolt placement, a thick wood template was provided for the base. This outdoor sculpture was part of a water fountain water feature. Multiple fountains continuously spray water throughout the bottom of the sculpture. The best part of this piece is that it visually changes shape from every angle it is viewed from. Dustin’s goal with this design was to make it impactful, fun and dynamic from any angle the viewers see it from. You can see more of Dustin Miller’s portfolio here and get in touch to get a free consultation about your project.

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