Tides Blue Metal Wall Sculpture by Dustin Miller

Top 4 Wall Art Trends To Explore in 2023

Blank walls can make a space feel more confined and detached. Adding some wall art transforms that same space into a homier, personable, and ambient atmosphere. Artwork is an essential component of interior decor, whether it’s a painting or a sculpture. Art implements color, dimension, and stories into a space, reshaping a room in many ways. Explore these top four wall art trends of 2023 and transform your space with artistic decor.

Biophilic Decor

Nature exudes serenity. As more people prioritize wellness and foster a relationship with nature, biophilic home additions have become a major trend this year. People are bringing the outdoors in, transforming their spaces into luscious mini garden centers.

Plant walls, hanging plants, and propagation test tubes are great ways to bring some greenery indoors. The colors, shapes, and growing patterns of plants generate an attractive art display that captures people’s attention and fills your space with nature’s calming ambience.

Eclectic Collections

Are you a collector? No matter your findings, your diverse collection of discoveries can make a unique and eclectic wall display. Curating your own mini-museum wall showcase also adds a personal touch to your space, producing a warm and inviting ambience.

Show off your international adventures by hanging up the ceramic plates bought in China and woven baskets from Brazil. If you love architecture, display blueprints and building sketches. Do you like collecting any art featuring dogs? Hang up your findings on the wall. Move over generic photo galleries—eclectic collections are the new must-have art gallery feature for interior spaces.

Hand-Painted Murals

Another unique way people decorate their walls this year is with hand-painted murals and frescoes. Instead of adding art to the walls, people are creating art on the walls. Using your walls as a giant canvas gives you lots of creative flexibility. You get to decide how much or little wall space you use, the colors, and the designs. Hand-painting wall murals allows you to customize your artistic display to best suit the aesthetic of your space.

Large Abstractions

Abstract art brings many beneficial features to your space. From their unconventional shapes to one-of-a-kind designs, abstract art brings unique dimension and character to your walls.

Adding a bold artistic statement to your walls gives you an attraction that instantly reshapes the aesthetic of your space. Redefine your space with Dustin Miller’s abstract wall sculptures and change the way people interact with your space.

Whether you want to fill the walls in your home or office workspace, wall art makes the perfect decorative touch that can reshape the way your space looks and feel. These top four wall art trends of 2023 give you plenty of different ways to enhance your space and make the most of the wonders of art.