Metal Wall Sculpture by Dustin Miller

Price: Starts at $1,500

Dimensions: 72in long x 28in tall x 6in deep

Weight: Approx. 15 lbs.

Material: High Marine Grade Aluminum

Gloss Enamel

Installation & Placement Information: The metal wall sculpture has custom fabricated key lock brackets welded directly to the back for securely and easily mounting to your wall surface. Anchors and screws are not included. They will depend on your type of wall surface for proper mounting.

Purchase Information: This metal wall sculpture is available for direct commission. Every piece is custom created by the artist. To get started or get answers to other questions please contact us.

Shipping Information: Every sculpture is insured, packaged and handled with care by our hand selected and trusted transporters.

  • Sonic black metal wall sculpture
  • 20200804 095234 HDR scaled

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