Tips for Displaying Art Sculptures in Your Home

Tips for Displaying Art Sculptures in Your Home

Art sculptures transform their surroundings with character, beauty, and shape. No matter the design or size of the sculpture, they all enhance spaces, making them the perfect addition to your home. Discover how to get the most out of your art sculptures with some display tips that allow your investments to shine in your home.

Illuminate the Artwork

Art is meant to be seen, not hidden in the shadows. Bring attention to your sculptures with lighting that illuminates all the little details, from the color to the curvature of the artwork. Like lighting a stage or film set, using only one light source generates harsh shadows. Directing multiple light sources from different angles onto your sculpture creates a more dynamic and balanced lighting effect that emphasizes the craftsmanship of the art piece.

Let Your Space Flow

A room that flows exudes comfort and appeal. Your home is your sacred space where you seek shelter, let down your barriers, and unwind. Letting your spaces flow with cohesiveness and maximized spacial usage makes your home feel inviting.

Don’t let your sculptures disrupt the dynamic of a room. Choose display placements that seamlessly integrate your sculptures and allow them to work alongside other design and functional aspects of your space. Avoid obstructing the view of the TV, high-traffic walkways, and light sources. Let your art sculptures enhance rather than limit your spaces.

Make a Statement

There are two distinct ways to implement art in a room. You can use your sculpture to add to a space’s décor—complementing other design details—or display it as a statement piece. The latter involves letting the sculpture take command of a room, making it the center focus of the space. To make a statement, let your sculpture stand alone—keep its surroundings open and empty—and bring all attention to it.

Stage Your Display

Setting the stage for your sculpture affects how the artwork functions, looks, and feels in a space. Display stands and mounts provide multiple functions. They raise, highlight, and protect your displayed items. Putting your art sculptures on pedestals brings more attention to them and gives them stable bases to stand on. Letting your sculptures free-stand makes them blend more easily with a space.

Dustin Miller’s collection of abstract metal sculptures includes pieces that work well on a platform and are freestanding, giving you lots of display flexibility. How you stage your sculpture display depends on the look you intend to create and what role—statement piece or regular décor—you want the artwork to take on.

Properly displaying your art sculptures influences how the artwork enhances your home. Use these four display tips to maximize the effect of your sculptures and enjoy the benefits of a space filled with beautiful art.